What is this shop about?

Established in the recess of 2021, with a goal of providing great quality and affordable custom lights for your space. 

Using materials from high-end suppliers such as 3M, Blueview, Mean Well, and more, we have delved into an efficient process of designing, creating and rigidly testing lights at our partner factory. 


So why Luminerd?

The factory produces more than 10 000 sets of custom signs every month, but with Luminerd, we want to focus on your gamer dens, small shops, startup offices, batcaves, bathrooms and the like. We know that custom made signage can be expensive, and we're here to give you the most viable option for the buck. With our LED Flex tubes, we reduce the cost and heat generation you'll find in traditional neon signs made of glass, while greatly increasing durability and safety.

We take on small and large orders, and have a massive production capacity. All orders will be on its way within 10 days from confirmed payment and design. In addition, we include a one year warranty within fair use on all our signs.

Our operations are based out of Norway and China, and if you have any questions - feel free to reach out at hello@luminerd.com.